Anticipation Holidays, JCI close lower 9.13 points

Towards a national holiday , the Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) closed lower today , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) . As we know , this week the effective working only three days , and investors choose not to complete the transaction.

At 16.00 hours , JCI closed down 9.13 points, or 0.18 percent at 4963.92 . There are 112 stocks rose , 152 shares fell and 103 shares stagnant . Meanwhile , transactions on the stock exchange is also not so crowded . Trading volume reached 4.44 billion shares worth Rp 4.17 lot trillion .

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Stocks that provide the biggest negative for investor turnover is BBRI ( Rp 10,675 ) , PGAS ( USD 5,700 ) , ASII ( USD 7,450 ) , BBCA ( Rp 11,300 ) , and WIKA (USD 2,360 ) .

The stocks that give a positive turnover largest shareholder is TLKM ( USD 2,565 ) , the INDF ( USD 6,775 ) , HRUM ( USD 2,520 ) , ELSA ( USD 505 ) , and INDY (USD 730 ) .

Sector is agribusiness stocks fell ( -0.27 percent ) , mining ( -0.22 percent ) , miscellaneous industry ( -0.41 percent ) , property ( -0.64 percent ) , finance ( -0.6 percent ) and trade ( -0.16 percent ) .

Sectors that rose is the basic industry ( 0.2 percent ) , consumer ( 0.23 percent ) , infrastructure ( 0.27 percent ) and manufacturing ( 0.05 percent ) .

Of regional markets in the Asia Pacific region moving mix . Japan’s Nikkei index rose 0.97 percent to 14602.52 . As Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index fell 0.01 percent to 22963.18 thin .

Today, the exchange rate back down , ie by 0.63 percent to Rp 11,633 per U.S. dollar .


Pekalongan Police clashes Process Equipment Market Tiban

Police Pekalongan , Central Java , will continue to process the case of a clash between Civil Service Police Unit officers ( municipal police ) with Tiban market traders , despite the problems they face an agreed peace .

" The legal process is still running and there are no legal considerations that could halt the process . Especially in the case of the clash is a pure offense , " he said .

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He is accompanied by the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit and the AKP Bambang Purnomo said the current Police have set up five suspected perpetrators of violence while others are still in the process of deepening .

" From the investigation , we have established five actors as suspects in the clash that left eight people injured , " he said .
A total of five suspects , is bernisial ” A ” , ” U.S. ” , ” SK ” , and ” SB ” , all citizens Yosorejo , Southern District of Pekalongan , and ” H ” , a resident of Eagle Street North Pekalongan .

" They named as a suspect based on information from a number of witnesses and other evidence . Then they are still in the process of the police investigation , " he said .

Chief State Prosecutor Pekalongan , I Gede Gunawan claimed Kejari Wibisana will be professional in law enforcement so that it is already happening should be followed according to the rules of law .

" We ask all parties to respond and observe if there is a crime in the legal events complaint , some are not offense complaint , " he said .


Health tests, JK Feel More Relaxed Than 2004

Candidates vice president Jusuf Kalla feel the current health checkup is better than what he experienced 10 years ago when, following the 2004 presidential election. JK this time forward in the presidential election will accompany the candidate Joko Widodo feel more relaxed following the medical tests.

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"More relaxed now. Due to this time I am no longer a lot of thought," said JK told reporters after undergoing a medical at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital, Jakarta, Thursday (22/05/2014).

JK praised Jokowi because after serving for about nine hours, Jokowi still looks fresh.

"As this Jokowi pack, even though every day blusukan but still wrote in shape. If I, O fair if I just fit-fit," said Chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross.

Jokowi and JK are the first couple to undergo a medical examination as a condition of a participant election. Jokowi-JK checkup since at 7:40 pm and finished at around 17:30 pm EDT.


Ahok: group Jokowi and Prabowo Equally Destructive

Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja supporters deplored two presidential candidates , namely Joko Widodo and Prabowo , equally damaging park in Jalan Imam Bonjol and Teuku Umar , Menteng , Central Jakarta . According to him , the actions of both supporters of presidential candidates is a bad example of political activity .

" This is proof that they have given poor political education . We have also given a warning that this is a bad example . Want to fix the country , the park just destroyed . Two camps together , " said Basuki at the City Hall , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) .

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"If you ‘ve got a mental want to be president , but this mentality , can be a headache later . Tantamount two camps , " he said again .

According to Basuki , the condition of the park in two locations damaged will be repaired immediately by the Jakarta Parks Department . He has asked the city Parks Department to create documentation regarding the condition of the park before and after the destruction . The data , he said , will be sent to Jokowi and Prabowo campaign team .

" The Gerindra stated that they already want to fix it . We ‘ve sent a letter . Later , the punishment for them to make the park at another location . These two pairs . Both of them breaking, again , " said the man who was familiarly called Ahok it .

As reported , thousands of sympathizers Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa vandalized park is a roadblock at Jalan Imam Bonjol , precisely in front of the Commission . It happened when both signed up to the Commission on Tuesday .

A day earlier , investigators Jokowi also vandalized the park on Jalan Teuku Umar , not far from the residence of the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Struggle Megawati Sukarnoputri . It happened when Jokowi and his deputy , Jusuf Kalla , was about to apply for registration with the Commission .


Amien Rais: Prabowo as Bung Karno

General Assembly Partai Amanat Nasional Considerations Center Amien Rais described the Leader of the House Builders Gerindra Party Prabowo Subianto as Indonesia’s first president Soekarno. Amen to see the similarity of style and appearance Prabowo.

"I’m not a handyman read human faces, but this prabowo Pak Bung Karno from the side like," said Amien while giving a speech at the event Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa declaration as a candidate for president and vice president in Polonia House Road Cempedak Cipinang, East Jakarta, Monday (19.05.2014).

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Amien said Prabowo facial features appear from the side and from the front is similar to the Bung Karno. Similarly, Prabowo style-detonated explosive and does not use text as it considers similar oratorical style Bung Karno.

Amien mate Prabowo-Hatta hopes to win a fight in the 2014 Presidential Election. “May Bung Bung Hatta Bowo and could win,” said Amien.


Surya Paloh message to the Holder of Power

Chairman of the National Democratic Party ( Nasdem ) Surya Paloh advised the current power holders to participate in mutual aid nation building . One is through realizing the presidential election fair and square .

" We advised the holders of power . Authority ‘s mandate . Mutual mutual obligation of the government is in the midst of the presidential election , " said Surya Paloh in the event of the declaration of support for the nomination of Joko Widodo as RI president in the Office of the PDI - P , Jalan Lenteng Agung, South Jakarta , Wednesday ( 14/05/2014 ) .

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According to Surya , the presidential candidate who carried his party , namely Joko Widodo , as well as other presidential candidate and leader of the current administration are equally children of the nation . Therefore , Surya hope harmonization of presidential elections in an atmosphere of competition can be realized in society .

" Competing with harmony . Sake of progress the nation forward . Instead of hurting each other. I’m sure we can , keeping ethics . Indonesia needs it , " he said .

Surya confirms ready to compete in the fifth annual festival of democracy the people of Indonesia . It is ready to win , ready to lose anyway . Most importantly , further Surya , the ideals of building a nation and state through healthy competition materialized .

Surya statement is part of a speech bearer party Jokowi declaration as a presidential candidate . The declaration was attended by Chairman of the PDI - P of Megawati Sukarnoputri with the managers of the PDI- P , PKB Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar with CLA administrators , and third- party presidential candidate , Joko Widodo .


Thank Complaints employess Fail, Head of Jakarta BKD Dizziness

Not only honorary officer of the department of Public Works DKI a hubbub , head of the Provincial Civil Service ( BKD ) of Jakarta I Made Karmayoga also turns on a question of this CPNS .

Every day we have people coming to the space Made . Most of that comes from the official honorary officers specified disappointed . His case just like SA . Approval so CPNS canceled because no valid Certificate of honorary ( SKH ) .

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" Some came crying to my room and it happens every day . I also get dizzy. But this is a legal issue . ‘s A matter of the validity of the person to be CPNS . Accordingly, even cry , when invalid so can not, " said Made to Warta Kota , on Thursday ( 01/05/2014 ) morning .

Made mention , this case has become a national problem . Not only happen in Jakarta alone, but also in Indonesia. The cause is bad honorary organizing workers in every government agency in Jakarta .

Made clear , SKH valid only issued by the Governor , District Secretary or Head of Department . However , the Jakarta decree honor thus get out of camat , valleys , even the principal.

This becomes a problem when the government would lift the honorary officials through method honorary Category II . SKH look legitimate government . But in point of fact , many SKH not appear valid . Various reports also stood out , particularly with people who have just started working as an honorarium , but could take the test .

Therefore , Made said , after the test progresses, the government asked all leaders to make an absolute waiver responsible for the release of the SKI- 1 . This means that if later on known lies, then the command will dipidanakan . Leadership is the Governor , District Secretary and Head of Department .

Since the government issued the obligation , then the sum of the head official in Jakarta, one at a time frightened. Including Head of Department of Public Works which was released
SKH . Therefore , people like that already enroll SA CPNS and then failed to appear.

The reasons, it appears to make the agency head SKH based on invalid data . This means that a person working as honorary officers not detected early impression in work . This is bad because attendance system honorary officer .

As a result , the original tended SKH - origin issue . Therefore , so there ‘s certainty , fear and exciting agency head back SKH made.

" This is also be one cause. Tak the honesty . Means this, he worked as an officer of the new honor in 2009. SKH But then be made in 2005 by the head official . These people silent. Later his friend turns out to be in the know , and reported that the the new work since 2005 . This is the case now , "said Made to Warta Kota . ( ote )


Last Hardiknas Mendikbud Ceremony

Minister of Education and Culture (Education ) Mohammad Nuh led the National Education Day ceremony at the court yard Ministry of Education and Culture , Jakarta , Monday ( 02/05/2014 ) .

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In his acceptance speech , Noah while delivering his last speech as Minister of Education . ” In 2014 , the last year for me was in the running mandate as Minister of Education and Culture . Therefore , through the 2014 Education Day commemoration , as a minister , and personally , I would like to express our gratitude , ” Noah said in his speech .

Furthermore , he mentioned two things that are very essential in the world of education . First , that is associated with getting access to education services influenced the availability and affordability . To that end , through programs that have been run for 5 year tenure , he hopes education more affordable .

" BOS ( School Operational Assistance ) for primary and secondary education , assistance to poor , viewfinder mission , sending teachers to remote areas , operational support for public universities , and the establishment of new state universities and boarding schools are part of efforts to improve access to inclusive and justice , "said Noah .

While the second , which is related to the quality of education is influenced by three things , the availability and quality of teachers , curriculum and infrastructure .

" For that , applied to several programs such as education and ongoing teacher training , curriculum implementation in 2013 , and the rehabilitation of damaged schools , " ujatnya .

According to M Noah , all the policies that have been implemented that show encouraging results . Characterized by the increase in the gross enrollment rate of children who attend either the SMP / MTS , SMA / K and colleges .

In a ceremony which was attended by the officials and civil servants Kemendikbud , Noah also gave awards Satya Satyalancana work . The award is intended for civil servants in the neighborhood who have devoted Kemendikbud for 10 , 20 or 30 years .


HP Prepare Slatebook 14 Tegra-based Android Notebook?

Android-based notebook from HP is likely to be present in the foreseeable future.

Some information related to Android-based notebooks called as Slatebook 14 it has been uploaded by a source at the Android Police website.

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Mentioned in the site, if Slatebook 14 will be packed with 14-inch full HD display, microSD card slot, 3.5 mm audio jack, HDMI output and three USB ports. The keyboard on this notebook is said will have a lot of similarities like the keyboard on other HP notebooks and will be equipped with a spacious trackpad.

Slatebook 14 will dintengai by Tegra chipset. However, it was unclear where the Tegra series that will be embedded in this notebook. Likewise with the official release schedule of this HP notebook’s Android. So, we wait for its development. (Ozi)


RI Diplomat Arrested While Praying in Masjid Republic

The first Secretary of the Republic of Indonesia were all arrested in the police raid on the Islamic Republic Centre Prague . At that time , Wahono Yuliano along with other embassy employees was attending a prayer in the mosque .

Reporting from Prague Post , police of criminal detection organizational unit ( UOOZ ) when it was raided activities allegedly launching a book filled with the rhetoric of hate in the Islamic Centre in Prague .

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Yuliano also criticized police treatment and said representative of the embassy was released after half an hour on hold . According to him , the time it will submit its diplomatic documents , but was rejected by the police .

Meanwhile , according to a spokesman for UUOZ , Pavel Hantak , a book entitled ” The Bases of Tawheed : The Islamic Concept of God ” is thought to contain about racism , anti - Semitism , xenophobia , and violence against the inferior races . The police are also not provided a description of how many people were detained in the raid .

However , local media estimate about 10 to 20 people . The raid lasted about four and a half hours . Hantak did not provide information related to how many people were detained .

Czech Police have accused Islam of promoting book editors suppression of human rights and freedoms after the raid at the Islamic Center in Prague . According to the Prague Monitor , the suspect 55-year -old suspect and Czech nationality .

Former Muslim Lhotan Luke said it has sent a complaint regarding the content of the book . According to him , the book contains extreme Muslim opinion and Muslim Communities published in the Czech Republic along with the Islamic Foundation .

According to witnesses , about 100 people were inside the mosque at the time. The action of the police was blocking Jumatan the Muslims worship at the mosque. In the raid , the people who were sick and those who came along with his first released . Then , following the diplomats also released . Meanwhile , the others are still being held in the mosque .

Philips , author of the controversial book , is a radical Muslim who justify suicide bombings as part of jihad and physical punishment for crime .
Previously , there was also the famous case of the controversial book publications Czech translation of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf issued by Otakar II and published by Michal Zitko in March 2000 . Zitko was prosecuted for allegedly providing support and suppress the spread of the movement for human rights . He was first given a suspended sentence , but the Supreme Court released him in March 2005 .