Not Able to Overcome Internal Conflict , Modern Party PPP Not Considered

Internal conflicts in the PPP which led to the dismissal of the PPP while coriander Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) indicates that the party bearing the temple was not modern . Though PPP is the party that has been in existence in Indonesian politics since the time of the new order .

" PPP is not modern and not an adult . One indication is when the modern party can manage the internal conflict . So PPP can not be called the modern party , " said political analyst from the University of Pelita Harapan , Emrus Sihombing , while talking to AFP , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

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Emrus compare the internal condition of the PPP and Golkar equally turbulent current . Although emerging discourses pencapresan evaluation coriander Golkar Bakrie, but it did not trigger the dismissal among members .

" Golkar also volatile but I see now will not get fired - fired , " said Emrus .

The arrival of the SDA to campaign in GBK Gerindra was considered merely a trigger . Actually , factions with different voices in the PPP has been around a long time .

" Factions were already sharply since the first . SDA When behavior is perceived differently by the faction , then there is a decision to fire the SDA . Actually , the error comes to natural resources Gerindra campaign ‘m not a substantial error . Was not inappropriate behavior , such as harassment or corruption , " said Emrus .


There Wants To Disrupt The Land Acquisition Power Plant Stems

Land acquisition for power plant projects rod back polemics . Suspected there are others who try to ’ play ’ until the process that has previously been running conducive re-heated .
This is related to the circulation of rumors that the purchase of land that has not been released , for Rp 400 thousand per square meter that was originally touted conducted by PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia ( BPI ) as an investor power plant project with a capacity of 2 X 1,000 Megawatt ( MW ) this .
So far PT BPI itself has clarified there is no land beyond the purchase price of the agreed value , USD 100 per square meter . ” The transaction is resident , not a transaction by PT BPI , ” said BPI Corporate Secretary , Dyah Kumala Sari , Batang Regional Secretariat office , Thursday ( 17/4 ) .
According to him , of the means of payment in the form of a check , which is used as evidence by the citizens - also not a check from the bank that had been used by PT BPI . ” So with the signature contained in this check is not our officers , ” added Dyah .
In the field, this issue continues to be a wild ball to land owners in the village residents and Ujungnegoro Karanggeneng , District Kandeman , Batang volatile .
Residents who originally agreed purchase price PT BPI Rp 100 thousand per square meter , insist on equality of price , Rp 400 thousand per square meter is a fixed price .
This is evidenced by the proliferation of provocative banners decorate the main road to the village and on the road axis Ujungnegoro village in Karanggeneng Village area .
However, there are many people who would like to open the Village Karanggeneng up about the beginning of the issue of land purchase for Rp 400 thousand per square meter of this . Some people even seem to escape .

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Especially when the conversation started to get into the issue of the changing demands of the citizens of this price . ” I do not know anything about this problem Karanggeneng demands of citizens . Do not ask me , “said Witarni ( 37 ) , a resident of the village of Karanggeneng .


Nearly third of RI Still Damaged Coral Reefs

Research Centre for Oceanography Indonesian Institute of Sciences ( LIPI ) released the results of the study condition of coral reefs in Indonesia .

Mentioned almost one-third , or 30.4 percent of Indonesia’s coral reefs covering an area of ​​25,178,58 square kilometers , is damaged or not good .

While coral reefs are in excellent condition only 5.29 percent , 27.14 percent ( good condition ) and 37.18 percent ( sufficient condition ) .

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However, observations of the 1,135 stations it finds there has been a trend of getting better than the more than two decades ago .

" Indeed, we admit that there is still a use bombs to get the fish . This causes more damaged coral reefs . , But this time the frequency of the bomb had to decline , " said Giyanto , Research Center for Oceanography LIPI researcher in a public discussion at the Office of LIPI , Jakarta , Thursday, April 17, 2014 .

He mentioned one of them thanks to this decline and education awareness programs to communities to save coral reefs .

He added that , despite the decline in live coral cover in Nias and Mentawai , but on average the observations of coral reefs in the western part of Indonesia shows the percentage of coral cover about 4 percent per year . In addition to the central and eastern part of Indonesia , coral cover increased by about 3 percent per year .

The study was conducted during 2006-2011 puslit in 15 counties in all regions of Indonesia . In detail, the 8 counties in the western part of Indonesia Kab . Central Tapanuli , Kab . Nias district . South Nias district . Mentawai district. Natuna , Kab . Riau Islands , Kab . Phallus and Batam .

While the 7 other regions were taken from the Indonesian central and eastern district. Pangkajene Islands , Kab.Selayar , Kab.Wakatobi , Kab.Selayar , Kab.Sikla , Kab.Biak Noemfoor and Kab . Raja Ampat .

The study found the western Indonesian reefs , coral cover shows the percentage rise 4 percent per year . For observations in this wlayah performed on 2004-2011 .

While in the region of the eastern and central parts of Indonesia , coral cover increased by 3 percent per year . Although some coral reefs decline as in Biak .

" The decline in live coral cover that occurred on Biak be caused by natural disasters in 2009 and a major coral bleaching that hit Biak waters due to rising sea temperatures on in 2010 , " said Giyanto .

Mentioned damage to coral reefs caused by two main factors , namely the destruction of nature or disasters and human activities .

Manmade reefs said to be very risky , because the potential for coral reefs to grow and take decades . For the Oceanographic Research Center focused on suppression of saving coral reefs from human activities .


Soebronto Barrel: Compared to Indonesia, Myanmar Workers Much More Affordable

Chairman of the National Board of the Indonesian Employers Association ( Apindo DPN ) , Soebronto Laras said , currently holds the record as the country of Myanmar with the cheapest labor in the ASEAN region .

" The difference with Indonesia so far . In Myanmar only Rp 700,000 per month . Meanwhile , in Indonesia it knows itself to be Rp 2.4 million per month , " he said in the building Apindo Training Centre , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Soebronto too sure , it is a real condition that exist in Myanmar , because three months ago he had been there . Low wages Myanmar became one of the attractions of investors . Plus, now Myanmar began to open up to foreign land ownership question .
The proof , said Soebronto , China now begin to look Burma as production base , after the opening of land for investment .

He said the Indonesian government insisted the Chinese refused on the grounds to protect small and medium businesses . However , along with the entry of China into Myanmar , she worries it will eventually also many Chinese products are flooding the Indonesian market .

" So later on goods entering we no longer Made in China , but Made in Myanmar , " he said .

Compared to Myanmar , state of industrial relations in Indonesia considered less attractive investors . One of the indications , post- storm rocked the UMP rise high in 2012 , the economic growth rate dropped dramatically .

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In 2013 , businessmen under Apindo feel , as if the gloom of industrial relations no longer have space for dialogue . Many workers going on demos and ’ Grebek ’ factory . Apindo rate, although at the end of 2013 the atmosphere is conducive to the issuance of Presidential Instruction No. 9 in 2013 , followed by Permenakertrans 7 in 2013 , but it is considered not effective enough to stem the high increase in the minimum wage .


NU cadres So not force the Vice President

Chairman of the Standing Committee wa Ta’lif Nasyr ( Department of Media and Public Information ) Board of NU Khatibul Umam Wiranu said NU will not impose its cadres be a candidate for president or vice president .

" NU prioritizing similarity platform , not merely the office , " he told Tempo , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 . According to him , NU could work together in a coalition with PDI nationality as long as a vice presidential candidate who fit the criteria carried NU . "There should be NU . "

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Umam explain PDIP should choose a running mate who is not going to affect the future president . Do not let the vice president is more dominant than Jokowi , greeting PDIP presidential candidate Joko Widodo . According to him , there is also another character that is ready to be invited Jokowi to fight , both in the presidential election as well as in the government later . “There must Jusuf Kalla , ” he said .

He said the PDI-P has a good long history with NU . Chairman PDIP Megawati Sukarnoputri been paired with NU Chairman Hasyim in the 2004 presidential election . Mega also be accompanying the president vice president Abdurrahman Wahid in 1999-2001.

Even cooperation has been started since the era of President Sukarno , Megawati ‘s father . NU cadres who take part in the Democratic Party acknowledges the cooperation is not always smooth , but eventually can be resolved with a good understanding with both parties .

Umam respond to news Jokowi- Kalla certainty that wafts on Tuesday evening , 15 April 2014 . Several people near Kalla disclose to the Tempo . The time the declaration was already determined , ie this Wednesday or next Wednesday . NasDem politician Akbar Fisal , via Twitter last night , reminding the public that supports Jokowi - Kalla .

But internal PDIP until this day has not decided Kalla as a companion Jokowi . “No decision , ” said Secretary General of the PDIP Tjahjo Kumolo told Tempo .


FSA Monitor Company Group 31 Financial

Financial Services Authority suggests , the financial system in Indonesia is dominated banks , most of which have subsidiaries in other financial areas .

The regulator noted there were 31 financial industry conglomerate that controls the Indonesian financial system .

Chief Directorate of Banking Supervision III Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) Agus Siregar said it was concerned about the number of conglomerate . However , in terms of supervision of the conglomerate , FSA will impose integrated supervision .

" Once entering the financial group structure , we will conduct an integrated approach to financial oversight , " Agus said the seminar "The Future of Banking Financial Group " in Jakarta , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

Furthermore Agus said , it would issue a financial conglomerate supervision rules . These regulations , he added , will be released in stages starting from the third quarter of 2014.

" In the third quarter or fourth quarter of 2014 , we will remove POJK ( FSA Rules ) of the financial conglomerate . Goal is to ensure that all financial conglomerate run well and not problematic , " said Agus .

Agus integrated call control based on risks to the financial conglomerate is indispensable . Thus, there is no escape from the business activities FSA supervision . He said he is currently coordinating both internal and individual financial services industry .

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" It would be harmonized regulatory banking , non-bank financial industry and capital markets . Primarily be harmonized risk management rules , strandarisasi rules . By doing so , the consolidated financial statements of the financial services industry , it can be connected , " he said .


Jokowi: Governor-Deputy Governor of DKI Leaves Permanent Way

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo said the Jakarta administration is still running even though the governor and vice governor leave of absence for a year. According to him, if that happens, then the implementation of the government under the Regional Secretary.

"There’s Secretary, there is also his assistant, and the assistant economics right there," said Jokowi in Jakarta, Friday, April 11, 2014. "Everything is complete, the road was abandoned a year."

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However Jokowi said not thought sabbatical respect pencapresannya activity later. “Leave, cutii, leave opo? Leave pregnant? Crap you guys,” he said.

Jokowi also not thinking about who will be sworn in as Secretary. During this time, more or less 1.5 years, the city government only makes Wiryatmoko as Acting Secretary. “Yet, if it exist Secretary executing their duties,” said Jokowi.


It is estimated that there are 3 blocks coalition candidate, the most dynamic CLA

Executive Director PolcoMM , Heri Budianto estimates there will be a coalition of three blocks in the Presidential Election 2014. Three major clusters were led by the three parties who were in the top

" I read the direction of the coalition , that there will be three major clusters . Firstly lead PDIP , Golkar led the second , third , led Gerindra , " said Heri at Mercu Buana University , Jakarta , Friday ( 11/4 ) .

He continued , of the three blocks , there would be struggles to pick up the party who was in the middle of the board . However , in the middle between the party was only able to enter the CLA anywhere .

" CLA is more dynamic , they can go anywhere, " he explained .

Meanwhile , in the same location , the Secretary General of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) , Imam Nahrawi party claimed so far is still the focus of monitoring the results of the legislative elections than about coalitions . Therefore , the original results will better define the collective political maneuver in the future .

However , he did not deny the party chairman Muhaimin Iskandar is currently conducting an assessment of the other political parties , particularly the other party is in line with the vision of PKB .

"For we are not articulated whom PKB , an important coalition commitment , not to harm , no governmental purpose , " said Imam .

Related presidential candidate (candidates ) CLA has been heralded , Rhoma Irama and Machfud MD , is predicted to be difficult to qualify to sit in RI 1 , Priest could only surrender . He can only hope the candidates’ party acceptable to the other party as a coalition .

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" So far the CBA still has a candidate, Mahfud and Wahab , who was invited to the party coalition may receive ( both) , " he said .


Closer Look Diving MH370 mission in the Indian Ocean

Perth - Malaysia Airlines MH370 search teams began to deploy divers to the sea of the Indian Ocean . They came from the ship Ocean Shield . How their roles ?

Reported by Reuters on Tuesday ( 04/08/2014 ) , the divers come from the crew aboard Ocean Shield . Red ship that was one boat that catches alleged black box signals from the MH370 . They found the ’ ping ’ is consistently at two points adjacent to each other with a long duration .

After capturing the signal , the crew tried to localize the presence of a black box in a way to dive into the ocean . Their action was immortalized by the Australian defense authorities .

From the photos , it appears the group response team from Ocean Shield is using a speed boat to the specified location . They want to look for the possibility of debris at the site within 2,268 kilometers of the northeastern Perth , Australia .

There are two Australian diver , Matthew Jonston and Michael Arnold , who got off the ship quickly . They then dive into the ocean to detect the presence of aircraft .

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There is no information about the results of their findings . But so far , the Australian authorities ensure a deeper dive operation with diving equipment can not be carried out without a scratch . The team is exploring the possibility of a combined search for other signals were detected . The depth of the Indian Ocean about 4,500 yards , the third deepest in the world’s oceans .


"Mention" on Twitter Photos Now Save Character

If you want to add tags to the photos in the destination tweet , Twitter users usually me mention the name of the account in question .

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Besides lacking practical , it is also spend a share of 140 characters in each tweet , especially if you mention involve many people at once , as in the case group photo .

Now , mention the photos do not need to spend characters happen again because Twitter has added a photo tag feature in its services , Wednesday ( 26/03/2014 ) , as reported by TechCrunch .

Tag the photo will not spend the allotted 140 characters . Any photos that are tagged will appear in the tab ” interactions ” of the user , as well as regular tweets that mention imbued “username ” .

How easy wear . Users simply select the uploaded image and choose the link ” who ‘s in this photo ? ” which then appears at the bottom . Number of tags in an image can be up to 10 other users .

Twitter Feature photo collages on Twitter
Do not want to be tagged at random in a drawing ? Privacy settings on Twitter also provides options to control who can do the tagging name of the user account .

The default option for this parameter is “Allow anyone to tag me in photos ” . Users can set it up again , only people who have in - follow course that users can add tags . Photo tagging feature can also be turned off completely . If desired , the tag can be removed .

Twitter has begun to implement photo tagging facility , starting from mobile applications for iPhone and Android . Web version will follow later . (see also: situs download film terbaru)

In addition , Twitter also introduced a feature with photo collages users can upload up to four images at once in a tweet . The fourth photograph will then automatically compiled into a collage .